Everything You Need to Know About Kegel Exercises During Pregnancy

Have you heard about Kegel's exercises? These pelvic floor strengthening exercises help support your lower back, bladder, uterus, and rectum during pregnancy. Read on to know more about the kegel exercises and how you can benefit from them.  What is Kegel Exercise? Pregnant women who do kegel exercises often have an easier labor. These exercises involve squeezing and relaxing the

6 Weeks Pregnant

A 6 weeks pregnant woman's fetal size is about the size of a lentil at week 5.  When you perform an ultrasound scan, you will better understand the size of the fetus. From week 6 of pregnancy, the baby's growth accelerates. You will experience some major discomfort during this week. You may experience mild abdominal bloating; if it is accompanied

5 Weeks Pregnant

The baby’s heart has begun to beat and pump blood, 5 weeks pregnant, symptoms are very much similar to the last week. This week, several changes are happening with your body and the growing fetus, though they will not be visible clearly. The baby's internal organs start developing and resemble the letter "C." The severity of the symptoms will increase

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How does the stomach feel when you’re pregnant for the first time?

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